Save Salt and Save Energy with a new water softener. This is state of the art technology.


Save Energy: Independent testing at New Mexico State University concluded that softened water saves up to 30% energy consumption on gas water heaters and almost 22% on electric water heaters.


Benefits of a New Water Softener by A Better Water Treatment Co.

Washing Clothes
- Soft water for clean clothes
- Softer, whiter, brighter colors
- Use less detergent

Washing Dishes

- Reduce calcium buildup
- Less spotting
- Use less detergent

Reduced Energy Costs

Helps reduce scale build-up in water heater

Increases water heaters efficiency by as much as 29%
for gas or 22% for electric

Reduced Build-up In Pipes

Can improve plumbing performance

Reduced Soap Build-up

Less soap residue in tub
or shower

Easier cleaning